Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup 2017 - Titanic Golf Club

The Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup: The Widest Reaching Corporate Golf Tournament in the World

The best of the world will shine out at Titanic Golf Club!

The champion of Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup, which is the largest amateur golf tournament of the world with the sponsorship of Titanic Hotels for the 2nd time, will shine out.

Grand final of the tournament that has travelled 62 countries will be performed at Titanic Golf Club between 30 – 31 October. 100 finalists qualified as a result of 100 elimination tournaments to which approximately 8.000 golfers have participated, will struggle to be the best of the world.

Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek, that will host the finalists, is already excited for the final tournament. We are proud of hosting this internationally-important tournament. An organization that is worthy of the name is waiting for golf lovers.