Local Rules - Titanic Golf Club


Golfcourse: Men 28, Ladies 36


Distance stakes: 100 m
Distance stakes: 150 m
Distance stakes: 200 m
Distance markers are measured to the middle of the green center.


White: Championship Tee
Yellow: Men Tee
Blue: Juniors / Seniors Tee
Red: Ladies Tee


Out of Bounds is characterized by the fence and their stakes around the golf course and / or by white stakes.

Observe out of bounds left of pond forest Hole No. 20-22 (dangerous), as all will be played as hazards. If you hit a ball beyond the boundary markers, bring the ball in game right side of the pond to the point where it approximately went out, under penalty of 1 stroke. Don`t play another Ball from last point.



Water hazard (Rule 26):

Yellow: water hazard

Red: lateral water hazard

If the water hazard is not characterized by red or yellow posts or lines, then the hazard begins, where the area drops to the water (posts in the obstacle define the kind of the hazard and not its delimitation).

If there is a Dropping zone marked (RIVER Course Hole No: 4 / MEDITER. Course Hole No: 16) a player can play either the ball according to rule 26 or its ball with one penalty stroke in the Dropping zone, which is next because of the place, at which its original ball last crossed the border of the water obstacle.

If a ball will be dropped in the Dropping zone.and is stopped outside of the Dropping zone and / or more near to the hole, the ball may be left not again to drop.



Stones in BUNKERS are movable obstruction (rule 24-1 applies)



Containing all distance marker, all trees and plants with staked and / or wires rope as supports and the ways with an artificial surface and bridges (inclusive gravel and wood shred, young trees, as well as discharge lattice on the Fairways, pop up sprinkler heads).

All other ways are a component of the Golfcourse. Obstruct if trees and plants with supports and/or wires rope as supports the condition position or the area of the intended Swing of a player, then the ball must taken up and free dropped in the agreement with the procedure prescribed in rule 24-2b.



Is a ball plugged into its own impact hole, then it may be accepted to clean and be dropped as close as possible the place where it has been plugged however not more near to the hole. (No penalty)

Ground under repair in which may not be played is marked by:

  • Parts of the place, which are encircled with white lines
  • Parts of the place, which are characterized by blue posts and / or by blue lines

If the players ball lies in this range or if such obstructs the condition position or the area of the intended swing of the player, then the player must take easement up according to rule 25-1.

A player, who is obstructed of a earth digging animal, mole hill or the remainders of a mole hill, is entitled to the easement procedure according to rule 25-1b.

Offense against the local rules: Strokeplay = 2 penalties / Matchplay = lost hole

Course Etiquette


  • Each Player must have their own set of clubs
  • Hold for connection on the Flight before you
  • Play a realistic set of tees which correspond your ability
  • Proper dress required at all times
  • Avoid telephoning with the mobile phone


  • Metal spikes – only Softspikes permitted
  • Beverage coolers
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Loud and / or abusive language
  • Persons under 16 years driving Buggy Cars
  • Practice Swings are not Allowed on the tees


  • Repair ball marks
  • Rake bunkers after use
  • Replace Divots and use sand at the tee to repair Divots
  • Record your score on the next tee
  • Keep the Golf Course clean